Dental X-Rays: If  you have not undergone dental X-rays for some time, Quan Vu will obtain  images of your teeth and jaws at your first appointment. The frequency  with which you receive X-rays after that depends upon your dental  history and risk of developing tooth decay. Dental X-rays can help  detect cavities, tooth eruption issues or bone loss in the jaws. 


Tooth Whitening: It has become a routine part of our treatment today for patients. Many factors contribute to the darkening of teeth including age, certain foods and beverages, smoking and certain medications. With in-office teeth whitening those discoloring effects can be reduced.


Root Canals: Our experience with Root Canal procedures makes us confident that your experience will be an easy one.


Teeth Cleaning: A  professional teeth cleaning is recommended every six months. Quan Vu  will begin your cleaning by removing tartar buildup with an instrument  called a scaler to help prevent gum disease. After scaling, he will  polish your teeth with a paste that contains mild abrasives to remove  plaque and surface stains, leaving your teeth smooth and less likely to  collect oral bacteria.


Cosmetic Bonding:  Dental  bonding is a great way to quickly and affordably repair small  imperfections on teeth.  It is the process of bonding tooth-colored  resin to the teeth to mask imperfections.


Oral Surgery: We perform oral surgery from simple tooth extraction to more advanced impacted wisdom teeth.